How to get the signature of the HU dean for Proposal exam and Oral defense 


GS English Forms for Dissertation/Thesis

  • GS411  Nomination of Dissertation or Thesis Examination Committee
  • GS412  Result Form of Proposal 
  • GS430  Request Form for Appointment of Thesis Oral Defense Examination Committee
  • GS432  Results Form of Final Oral for Master’s Project, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and Humanities.
  • GS432  Results Form of Final Oral for Master’s Thesis/ Ph.D. Dissertation, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and Humanities
  • GS440  Abstract Submission Form
  • GS691   Research Article Approval Form
  • GS692  Research Article Approval Form

GS English Request Forms

  • GS410  Request Form for Appointment of MS/MA/Ph.D. Advisor(s)
  • GS201  Student Add/Drop Enrollment / Credits Request Form