Master of Arts Program in Linguistics

Program Specification

Master of Arts Program in Linguistics

Campus/Faculty/Department Prasanmit Campus, Faculty of Humanities
Language Thai and English
Cooperation with other universities 1. Illinois States University, USA

2. Victoria University of Wellington, USA

Qualifications for admission The applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in any fields with a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.75.
Entrance requirements





1. The application package includes the following:
– An application form
– A copy of academic transcripts from undergraduate degree
– A copy of Thai identification card
– A certificate of change of name (if any)
– A copy of marriage license (if any)
– TWO letters of recommendation; one from the academic advisor from undergraduate degree (Form #5), the other from the employers (Form #6)NB: Students must download forms specified above from website– Any one of the following English Proficiency tests:• TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) minimum scores required 45 (iBT) or
• IELTS (International English Language Testing System) minimum scores required 5.0
Note: TOEFL/IELTS results will be valid for two years after the date the test is taken.2. Applicants must send all of the required documents by mail to
Chair of the Master Program,
Assistant Professor Dr. Nuntana Wongthai

Center for Graduate Studies, Faculty of Humanities
Srinakharinwirot University 114 Sukhumvit 23, Klong Toey Nua,  Wattana, Bangkok 10110

3. All applicants must take the English Proficiency Test except those who already have TOEFL/IELTS scores and have an interview with interview committee members.

Note: the date for the English Proficiency Test and an interview will be announced on website

Tuition fee 100,000 baht (Regular program),
120,000 baht (Weekend program)
To prepare students to be professional academic scholars in linguistics and applied linguistics.
1. To understand core concepts of linguistics and applied linguistics both in principles and theories.
2. To be able to apply and integrate theories to application.
3. To be able to analyze empirical data adopting optimal theories.
4. To contribute research and apply results in their professional careers.

Educational Management System, Curriculum Implement and Structure

System Semester system, 15 weeks per semester
Teaching schedule Year 1

First semester
LI511 Phonology and Phonological Analysis            3 (2-2-5)
LI512 Syntax and Syntactic Analysis                         3 (2-2-5)
LI513 Semantics and Semantic Analysis                  3 (2-2-5)

Second semester
LI521 Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis               3 (2-2-5)
LI541 Research in Linguistics                                    3 (2-2-5)
1 Elective course

Year 2
First semester
LI642 Seminar in Linguistics                                   3 (2-2-5)
1 Elective course
Second semester
GRT691 Thesis                    12 Credits

Curriculum structure

Courses Credits
Core courses 18 18
Elective courses 6 12
Research 6
Thesis 12
Total (not less than) 36 36
1. Core courses 18 Credits
LI511 Phonology and Phonological Analysis 3 (2-2-5)
LI512 Syntax and Syntactic Analysis 3 (2-2-5)
LI513 Semantics and Semantic Analysis 3 (2-2-5)
LI521 Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis 3 (2-2-5)
LI541 Research in Linguistics 3 (2-2-5)
LI642 Seminar in Linguistics 3 (2-2-5)
2. Elective courses 6-12 Credits
  LI514 Morphology 3 (2-2-5)
LI531 Psycholinguistics 3 (3-0-6)
LI532 Sociolinguistics 3 (2-2-5)
LI533 Second Language Acquisition 3 (2-2-5)
LI534 Methods of Second Language Teaching in 21st Century 3 (2-2-5)
LI615 Phonology and Phonetics 3 (2-2-5)
LI635 Materials Development 3 (2-2-5)
LI636 Language Curriculum Development 3 (2-2-5)
LI643 Specialized Topic 3 (1-4-4)
GRT691 Thesis 12 Credits
Study Plan
Year 1
Semester 1 9 Credits



Phonology and Phonological Analysis

Syntax and Syntactic Analysis

Semantics and Semantic Analysis

3 (2-2-5)

3 (2-2-5)

3 (2-2-5)

Semester 2 9 Credits



Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Research in Linguistics

1 Elective course

3 (2-2-5)

3 (2-2-5)

Year 2
Semester 1 6 Credits
LI642 Seminar in Linguistics

1 Elective course

3 (2-2-5)
Semester 2 12 Credits
GRT691 Thesis